Sunday, June 30, 2013

Things I don't understand

1. It's your mom's/dad's/whoever's birthday and you post a picture of that person and you or just that person on whatever social network you have with captions like: "Happy Birthday so and so. I love you, you've always been there for me (yadda yadda)". But here's the catch: That person does not have that social network. So you're talking to that person... but you aren't talking to that person. You're talking to your friends but it's like you're talking to that person and I don't even want to go on because I can't handle the absurdity of it all.

2. People who bring up someone's past when it is clear that the certain someone has changed or is in the process of turning over a new leaf. Why, bro?

3. People who can't take a harmless joke.

4. People who go overboard with pranks. I was watching this certain prank show with a certain somebody who happened to have a heart disease and she actually pointed out that if someone did that to her she would've dropped dead.

5. White chocolate.

6. People who cannot take criticism.

7. People who defend their friends although their friends are in the wrong. You sure you're a friend?

8. (Should I change the title to people I don't understand, make it more specific?)

9. Myself

10. Socks with those individual holes for your toes. What is that what are you doing

11. Shoes that are too flat. I have a pair and although they are VERY comfortable I find that it really has got to do with my self-esteem. If I put on something with a little heel - BOOM. Self-esteem increased by a few percent. You know what they say - a few percent goes a long way. (Nobody has ever said that)

12. Sometimes Math

13. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. But you know what - that's why I loved it. How the baby suddenly turned into a pig and simply walked away. The cat. The long, swirly poem that ended with 'and condemn you to death'. Gives you the good kind of creeps. Everything happens at random and there are some disturbing moments such as when Alice left the tea party and the Mad Hatter and the rabbit (if I'm not mistaken) was trying to put the sleepy mouse into the teapot, something like that? I love those kind of stuff, although it left me slightly perturbed.

14. People who give you a slight push instead of saying 'excuse me'. I experienced this once. Please, don't ever do this to people. It's just a gentle shove you say - but - just no. People aren't objects. TALK. SAY 'EXCUSE ME'. It ain't hard. Or if you're too inferior and shy just, 'i'm sorry' or ''scuse' or 'sorry'. You know, something. But not stuff like 'Gosh move!'. That's just rude and that will probably result in me not budging at all. Probably. I don't think I have the guts to not budge though.

"OK I'm sorry please have the path I'm sorry" *backs all the way to China*

15. When people text/talk on the phone(direct contact, no handsfree thing or whatever you call it)/drink and drive. I do not understand. Forget about endangering yourself, no one cares because if anything happens you asked for it. But you are endangering others. I do not understand this. How many innocent people have died due to accidents caused by text/talk/drink and drive? Go do a research.

16. Smokers. smh

and etc.

I will come back with more.