Monday, June 3, 2013

Berks! 2 - Stephen King

Salaam. How long have I been gone? How long have so many others been gone? This place is quite deserted. Nobody cares anymore. Including myself. When I think of my blog I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayooo I don't care yooo. But then like any other passionate writer I will eventually find myself crawling back to this 4-year-old domain. *shrugs*

I am going to do a second book review. It has been so long and I have been reading a number of books. Since I have read a lot of Stephen King's work over the past five or six months I am dedicating this entry to his books.

Rose Madder
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller

It's regarding a woman who undergoes domestic violence - her husband is a biter... yes he bites people. He even bit one guy in this book to death.

image(What I kinda looked like as I turned the pages)

So as a rational and very scared human being, Rose - the victim; ran away from her house and sought shelter in a home for abused women. The plot unfolds when Rose, now living in a completely new town (or is it state? Whatever it is she ran very, very far from home) finds a painting that she feels such a connection to. And that's where the fantasy part starts. A must read, I couldn't put the book down. I can't put most of Stephen King's books down to be honest. Amazing. (pssstt I fell in love with the guy Rose eventually got married to in the end, his name is Bill Steiner) (Fictional characters can break your heart)

Dolores Clairborne
Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Like Rose Madder, this book's protagonist is a woman by the name Dolores Clairborne. Dolores also deals with domestic and marital problems. Unlike Rose, Dolores is stronger internally. Rose is a gentle soul who would never hurt a fly whereas Dolores is daring and much braver. This book is told from Dolores' point of view - as she relates her story to cops in an interrogation room. She was initially there when she was accused of killing her own employer; but as the story spilt out of her mouth the cops found out that Dolores isn't responsible for her employer's death but the death of her own husband thirty years ago.
"Everything I did, I did for love..."  - Dolores Clairborne
I just found out that they made a movie based on this book back in '95.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Genre: Fiction, Psycho-thriller, Fantasy

I liked this one but comparatively TGWLTG is at the 3rd spot if I compared it with Rose Madder and Dolores Clairborne. It is compact, not as long as the two books. The setting is in a forest where the protagonist, Trisha, got lost during a hiking trip and desperately tries to find her way back on trail. She is a fan of baseball player Tom Gordon (Tom Gordon is apparently not fictional, this I just found out too) and all the while she only thinks of Tom. She gets illusions and hallucinations (due to her conditions, obviously) of mythical creatures and Tom himself. I felt quite confused when the creatures appeared; I think that is what Trisha might have felt. I also felt very sorry for her, King made amazing descriptions of her condition and I felt like I was right there watching her, sitting somewhere deep inside a forest wearing a torn poncho in the rain, listening to her Walkman, wishing that Tom Gordon would come and save her.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Horror

Twenty stories in one book. Ain't that nice. I honestly haven't finished reading all the stories yet but my favourites so far are: Suffer the Little Children, Popsy and Chattery Teeth. The interesting part of this book is Mr. King's own words on how the stories were made. I love reading the introduction in his books, he's really witty. "Stephen King calls this extraordinary retrospective Nightmares and Dreamscapes. But don't let his title fool you. When you read it, sleep will be the furthest thing from your mind."
Goodbye sleep you shall be missed.

The Green Mile
Genre: Fiction, Horror, Fantasy

A moment of silence please for the tears I have shed during the course of reading this book.

This is the best Stephen King novel I have ever read. I just can't bear reading stuff where someone is a victim and he or she is helpless and cannot do anything to improve his or her situation. Dolores - although fearfully and filled with doubt up to the end - got rid of her husband. Rose got her ass out of that house. But John Coffey - no. He hasn't got the means or the chance or the courage to do so. He knows he is innocent but how does he tell that to these people? Coffey was caught and accused of raping and murdering two young girls. He is described as a big built black man with low IQ. He was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Forget that, he was trying to help the victims. When Coffey was brought into his jail cell, the protagonist, death row supervisor Paul asked him if he wanted anything. John Coffey then asked if they left the lights on at night. He gets scared of the dark.

Boom. Buckets of sorry started spilling out of my chest.
Read this book and you will know why it is called The Green Mile.
A movie adaptation was also made, starring Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecombe.

OK that wraps it up! It is 12.53am right now and my brain is sending crazy signals to the whole body to shut down. I don't usually get tired till 2am, what is up with you, brain?
That is my brain, talking to itself. I am a 40kg brain operating pound of meat. Oh my God I just revealed my weight. Actually I'm not really 40kg, I'm a few kgs more than that.

*gives you a little wave with half closed eyes*



Keretapi said...

peqah you make me want to read stephen king's. dah lama nak baca but im not sure if it's my genre... but i've watched the green mile and MA TEARS WHERE R YA I LOST YALL

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haha it's kinda... I can't find the right word but you know what I mean. TU LA I WANT TO WATCH ALSO BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE AND HOW