Monday, February 11, 2013

More like twilight kind of dark. (THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOK OR MOVIE)

I have always regarded myself as someone with dark thoughts. Not REAL dark it's more like mild dark. Like if thoughts were to be expressed in terms of the stages of the night, mine wouldn't be midnight. It's more around twilight. First it's because I love reading about criminals, especially serial killers. Ain't nobody got time for regular muggers or thieves. It's mostly casual curiosity. It's also because I want to know why they did that. What drove them to do so etc etc. 

I also like horror and psycho thriller movies and books. I GOT SOME STEPHEN KING AT RM25 FOR THREE BOOKS, kinda psyched. (PUN!) I have just started this Stephen King craze, I remember reading Gerald's Game at the age of 13? 14? And I decided to wait till I was older to read his stuff. Plus at the time I wasn't a fan of psycho thingies, especially not something like Gerald's Game omg. 

There was also this one incident in the physics lab and this just happened. I was holding a really heavy iron bar and I said, more to myself, "Wow I can kill people with this." and my friend looked at me with horror. She probably was shocked that those are the first thoughts that came to my head haha.

Last but not least - one time I was in a restaurant with my family and we talked about different ways to die and the best way to die. There we were, laughing at the topic and talking about it loudly like any other happy family but the whole topic revolved around death. It started with a what-will-you-do-if-you-get-stuck-in-a-lift and of course, the question popped up. 

"What if you die in the lift?" said someone. 
"I wouldn't want to die in a lift, that's not cool, that's tragic and just plain pathetic. I want to die while fighting for a cause, and then somebody shoots me or something. Syahid. That'd be amazing." said my dad. 


Puteri Sabrina said...

nice one. :) saya pon minat jgk psycho n horror movies nii. hehe but, sampai kata nk bunuh org tu taklah. hahaha. but yes, mmg semua org nk mati syahid. ;)

Shafiqah Omar said...

eh baru perasan komen kamu haha. bukan maksud kak piqah nak bunuh orang la, benda tu berat dan mampu bunuh orang and benda tu yang first kpiqah terfikir.. haha tu maksudnya