Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Watt. Pad

So yesterday I was on Wattpad and I decided to read some non-fiction. I found one with the title, Haters gonna Hate, it's by an American student and the book basically talks about what he hates, 20 of his greatest pet peeves I guess. I'm not going to go on detail, but I WAS LAUGHING LIKE A MANIAC because this guy is beyond funny, plus I can relate to so many things he said. Probably one of the best things I've ever read on Wattpad, sure beats the hell out of:

"The stalker tried to break into your room last night? Well, (laughs) luckily he didn't get in."
"Yup. thanks. Don't wanna tell my parents and get them all worried."

I will turn 60 and still will never be able to absorb that logic.

I don't even know if there's any effect of posting my work on Wattpad because ok let's face it, it is pathetic to see them just sitting there "Guysss... are you gonna read me or what" plus I don't make that much effort so that people notice my existence - I mean I only follow a few people so :/

I guess it's okay, I'll just use it as a platform to record anything I've written and repair it from time to time, I don't write that well - gotta make lots of improvements.

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