Saturday, January 19, 2013

Listen? No thanks.

I did not know what the hoo haa was all about when I saw the topic Listen! everywhere and I thought, "I'm listening but what is going on?" 

That statement must have been said by Bawani over and over in her head. "Ok ... I'm listening but?! What are you talking about, did you even listen to me when I spoke?"

I just want to make a few points here. 

1. ANYBODY can correct ANYBODY. Regardless of age, lifestyle and gender. Saidina Ali RA once said: "Do not look at the one speaking but ponder upon what has been said." Imam Abu Hanifah took advice from a stranger who happened to be a very young boy. Imam Abu Hanifah took advice from a child. - Please; just let that sink in. 

2. EXAMPLE: "I find country so and so very good, look at what they're doing for the citizens. Why don't we take that as an example, we have the resources and funds, it's not like we don't."

"Oh you like that country so much? Move, then. Get out of Malaysia."

What? It isn't the idea of me enjoying whatever privileges other countries have to offer, the whole concept is we have all the resources to do whatever they're doing, why not do it? For all the citizens; for all of us? Comparisons and constructive criticism aren't allowed now? So we're just going to sit here with whatever we have and not move forward? 

3. Moving the goalposts and talking with excessive swagger to shadow your lack of sense and points is very pathetic.

Most of the students in the hall were bewildered, especially towards the end, I can really see that. But those who cheered for everything that spewed out of anyone's mouth if they talked in a loud and booming manner - what are you doing? 

Let me put it this way. When someones says something meaningful but they stutter and stumble as they say it - "Live.... in this... world... like, as if... you're a stranger... or... a traveller" Silence. (That is a hadith of the prophet peace be upon him)

But then when someone goes "LIFE IS NOTHING BUT FROZEN PIZZA!!!" Cheers all around. Whistle, claps. Applause applause applause. You see it's that easy to dominate minds. You just need charisma. Throw in some matters that weren't even discussed earlier. Don't forget to make your opponent feel bullied. At the end of your loud speech, add: "Think about the children." Congratulations, you have just earned the support of thousands of people.

Think a little deeper, my fellow Malaysian friends. Yes, that is why a leader has to have these qualities. You need to be able to speak and seize. But it really doesn't lie on the way the person speaks, it lies on the whole speech itself. Or maybe these people sensed the whole gibberish-ness, they just applauded because you know, that's what people do when someone has too much 'boom' in their speech. They tend to react. Funny people, the whole lot of you.

If you're too shocked to respond, give yourself some time. Don't resort to nonsense even if the crowd's cheers overwhelm you. Those people don't even know what's going on anyway.


Nick Irfan said...

alamak! bhsa omputih la entry awk kali ni xleh nk komen apa2... huhu (sy lemah bi sikit)

Shafiqah Omar said...

memula saya tak paham tapi bru terpikir, kes terhutang budi la ni xD takpee no prob