Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Contact lenses are from hell

So two days ago when I wanted to put on my contact lenses, I realized that the right one was a little torn. Nothing much, just a tiny ribbon. I decided to just try to put them on because the tear was so tiny, I doubted that it'll give me any problems.

It didn't. I wore them again yesterday and took them off in the evening. It was at night when I was watching Merlin (TWO FINAL LAST EPISODES FINALLY AIRED ON TV3, I MISSED THE ONE ON D.U AND IT WAS INTENSE, I WATCHED MY FAVOURITE KNIGHT DIE AND ARTHUR DIED AND IT WAS ALL JUST TOO MUCH FOR ME AND I WONDER WHO CAUGHT THE SWORD IN THE WATER WHEN MERLIN THREW IT ACROSS LOL I HAVE TO BUY THE CDS AND START WATCHING ALL OVER AGAIN) that my eyes started to feel irritated. Like there was something inside. I brushed the discomfort off but then I remembered my torn contacts. So I googled 'I wore torn contacts, help' and all I saw was - Good for you little one, now you have scratched  your cornea. Your vision will worsen, not to mention all the infections you might get xoxo.

I couldn't sleep last night and I got really paranoid. You see I tend to overthink and that isn't good at all.

So this afternoon I went to see my optician, and she really didn't like it when I told her I knew the contacts were torn but I wtill wore them. 

"Never wear torn contacts, even if it's barely visible"

Plus, she said if my corneas were scratched I'd have red eyes and experience blurred vision in no time but since I don't have any of that she told me not to worry. Still, she told me to seek medical attention if I still feel any irritation or discomfort whatsoever.

Contacts are so tiny and fragile and they look harmless; you can have one on your fingertip (receptors in abundance!) and still not feel a thing yet they can mess up your eye for good, I think they're evil.


I know it's my fault and I know contacts aren't a problem at all when you really take care of them, but still -


It's a Spongebob reference, watch more cartoons.


fathin zulkifli said...

LOL. jumpe gak u ngan ur optician? :D it's okay shagac. but pls remem, dont ever wear torn contacts after this, even if the tear is so tiny. :D

good luck in CFS! XOXO

Shafiqah Omar said...

Hahaha ye punyela takut. Ok :'( HAHA one week already, so far so good ;)