Monday, April 23, 2012

The Cabin in The Woods


I actually just got back from Ipoh yesterday around lunchtime. Right after lunch my cousins and I went to watch a movie - The Cabin in The Woods was showing at 1.30pm. Usually before watching a certain movie I'll watch the trailer, read the synopsis, study the cast and plot and etc. But I had absolutely NO IDEA about what was waiting for me. So we rushed into the cinema, (the bro at the counter stopped us and demanded for our ICs, I flashed mine in his face and said, "Saya 18 tahun ni!") Haha gelabah. I'm 18 whaaaat. Almost.


So I sat. Three minutes past showing time. The whole movie was indescribable. I don't even know how to - omg - I don't even know to classify it as you know, in a genre or something. It's... really... traumatizing.

I sat there for a good 90 minutes or so and just kinda beared all kinds of torture the movie rained upon me. It was crazy.

Last night I had a nightmare. I cried in my sleep. Yeah it really got into my head.

If you crave for blood, violence, porn, gore, killer clowns, zombie families, mythical creatures, restless spirits, ass-faced ballerinas - then - The Cabin in the Woods is the movie to watch.

PS: I swear I squirmed the lowest in my seat than anybody else in the theatre. I was practically lying down in my seat.

PPS: I just... can't.


cya:) said...

kite rasa kite penah tengok kat maktab ramai-ramai cerita ni and I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN GIRLL

heyH said...

hahaaa kannn?
my favourite scene, was when every lift turun. and every types of mutant ke hantu ke keluar attacking the 'swat' team, and it was blood everywhereeeee!

bloodbath. paling epic.

the starting was quite like a cheap porn base movie ah. nasib di cover balik ngan kegempakan scene kat lab tuuu.

n don worry, i was also squirming in the scene, but laughing,
because it was too mental-torturing. -_-

Shafiqah Omar said...

cya: really? but i thot it was just released... tapi filming dia 2009 haha lama enn. LOL GOOD.

heyH: OMG PART TU MEMAAAANG HAHAHA GILA DOH. KILLER CLOWN KILLER CLOWN I HATE KILLER CLOWNS. Yeah, tell me bout it -.- i was looking at my cousin and we were like, "apehallll... T__T" haha. Hahaha that's right