Monday, December 13, 2010

Cemerlang 1 - Reunion

Only three boys came and no communication was exchanged. Girls - 3 were absent. I had a good time chillin in the restaurant, trying to stuff chicken chop into my mouth, sip some lemon tea and laugh with them.

Honestly - I was in great great great pain. See, I have an ulcer in my throat (YES throat. not in the mouth, but deep in my throat) and it hurts. Swallowing my own saliva took great effort - so you can imagine how terrible it was to shove bits of chicken down my oesophagus. I was trying my best to put on a jolly face but I felt like throwing a tantrum, pour my drink over someone's head and smash my plate onto the floor. haha!

Hazirah noticed something amiss though. She asked why I didn't look happy with my food. She's so observant and nice ;(

Can anyone cure my ulcer in a snap? Money is not an object, I swear. If I have to lick a frog's back to cure my ulcer, I will do it. *grim and serious*

The girls - they didn't change. Not even one bit. I expected to see some slight changes in the way they talk or maybe physical changes - fatter, thinner, fairer, darker, taller - anything; but I saw none. They looked like what they looked like a year ago when we were all in the same class.

I looked a tad bit taller I suppose because I put these on. Yea baby. Masuk Guiness World Records tuuu.

Ok tak. Cos I put on 3-inch wedges (BIG DEAL) and they were all looking at me  like,

hahahaa. (I think tumblr has influenced me. I'm using pictures to describe a certain feeling etc. HM, interesting.)

Anyway, we went to Wangsa Walk Mall next. And then we slowly broke inot groups of four, then two. Then we walked and talked and bought stuff. But in my case it was more like, walked, talked, swallowing saliva and feeling the pain and not buying anything. I was in so much pain that I felt cold sweat - the ones you get when you develop a fever - forming at my forehead and GAH. It wasn't a very pleasant experience.

Still - I got to hang out with my friends and catch up on each other's life stories, etc.

That was the very best part :)

stupid ulcer.


cya:) said...

rse cam nak demam gak oh

hAzhAz said...

haha, comel gila gambarr.
oh oh. itu ke,
ha ah lupa awak ckp awak ada sore throatt.
kesiannn. ptt aa diam semamca, pelik.

Keretapi said...

terharunya awak kata dorang tak berubah a bit pun, even physically ;')

Keretapi said...

aah and yeah, i can sense tumblr there. hahah.