Sunday, June 6, 2010

But what can I do?

Before I continue with this post I'd like to announce that my terrapin, Tyra is dead. She lost her mate, Vulta early this year and she has been idle and sick ever since. Today she died, after battling with some kind of disease. She couldn't eat, all she did was sleep. If I nudged her, she would stretch her legs and arms, and then continue sleeping. Today I found her in a static mode. I took a plastic net and sort of, tap her shell and she didn't move an eyelid. :O

I panicked, and I started to tap her harder. No response. Together, my brother and I screamed, "Mamaaa! Tyra is deaaddd!" Then my mother started nudging Tyra, I couldn't watch. It reminded me of an episode in Family Guy - Bullfrog. Go check it out.

Anyway, I'm going to bury Tyra after this. Take this advice: If you ever want to have a pet, make sure it has a mate! I thought of releasing Tyra into the Gombak river like what I said in my FB status, but it died in its home.


Tyra, although I love the first Tyra better because it was such a sport; it could stay on my palm for a long2 time without even moving, I still do love you. You know what my mom said after we were all sure that Tyra was dead? "It's ok.. all of us are going to end up like her one day, it's just a matter of time.."
True ma. Super true.

Actually I want to talk about the current issue that everyone is talking about. (That's why it's the current issue, dehhh). No, not the latest or the hottest group in FB, and no, not what just happened in school. I'm talking about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I'm really sad with what's happening, especially when I see the POOR birds covered in oil from head to toe! (Nak kedip mata pun susah, cuba kau bayangkan) And, what have they done? They have tried to clean the birds and I was like, "Whaat? It has been over a month and that's all?" How about the other marine life? How about the tank? Can't they do something to stop the oil from leaking? I mean, something has to be done, think about the oil we waste and the sea we pollute! 

Nevertheless, I'm sure everyone in that field is trying their best to curb this problem. (You'd better be). Secondly - The convoy attack by Israel. I am super sure almost everyone is aware of what is happening. I received so many views and comments regarding this issue, and the best one was from this guy, check his place out. anuar - malaysian student. The post is, "Open letter to Israel".

If you log onto your FB account, people have set up groups and pages against the convoy attack where nine were killed. Sad, huh? Actually these people were warned, but was there a reason to open fire? That's a question that they are struggling to answer. Keep on struggling, we won't budge till we hear an answer. :)

These two issues may seem small, people all over the world are thinking, "This shall pass". It will pass, but what are the consequences? Look, I'm just a fifteen year old  *sobbing* but I want to do something to help this sick world. I need more knowledge, more experience.

I can't even help my sick (late) terrapin.

Last two weeks, I got to meet up an old friend. Emilie Terebessy. It was nice, she didn't change much and she's going to pursue her studies in the University of Toronto.

Best bila dapat jumpa kawan lama. Mula2 memang rasa pelik, "Ok.. nak cakap apa ni?" Tapi bila dah lama2, makin rasa selesa. Cuti dua minggu ni, aku nak jumpa dengan kawan2 3C1 aku. Kalau ada rezeki, sebab hujung minggu ni pun aku nak balik kampung. (Macam takde rezeki je)

Tapi takpe, kita cuba. :)

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