Saturday, January 9, 2010

Church hit by Arsonists. What is wrong with people?!

Allah is God. God is Allah.

If you're aware of what is typed on newspapers and babbled by newscasters, you'll know about the series of churches which got burned and sabotaged.

I'm not here to condemn any side, but i'm here to condemn the person responsible for all these nonsense, muslim or non-muslim, because we don't really know who's involved, it could've  been anyone.

But the action of destroying churches like that, it's very degrading, it even made it to BBC's top news!

Apparently, everyone is now shocked because the whole world thinks that Malaysia is a peaceful country, with the diversity of cultures and religions, and some hooligan went and ruined it.

The most important thing to remember here is not to generalise everything. If this was the work of Muslims, it doesn't mean all Muslims have something to do with it. I really hope my Christian friends will not turn down to us, the good muslims because of generalisation of matters.

I strongly agree with one of PAS' representatives who was quoted saying that even during the prophet's time, if a war was ging on, the Muslims were strongly prohibited to enter places of worship of other religions and ruin it.

So this all started from, from what? From the squabble whteher to use the word Allah in bibles? I do not want to elaborate further on that matter, to me, let the court and society solve it.

But the action of ruining places of worship? That's too much. Protest as much as you want, but do it in a respected way.

Hope the situation will get better soon.

And to the person responsible for this matter: STOP IT THIS INSTANT, YOU'RE RUINING ISLAM'S IMAGE, please don't tarnish Islam's reputation, (which is already a little bit tarnished!)

IF the person responsible is not a Muslim (like I said, it can be ANYBODY): Get a life, sir! You're a damn criminal, and criminals like you ought to be locked up and have the key thrown far, far away.

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Shira Syahira said...

do they have to? i mean if the one who burnt the churches are muslim. i mean if they really are tht mad why do they have to go tht far?

"the Muslims were strongly prohibited to enter places of worship of other religions and ruin it." even a 16 year old girl know this I AM SURE even grown up know too.

i thnk God tht most of the people actually understand this situation are the younger generations. but i really hope tht older generation understand better.

shafiqah omar said...

yes! absolutely.